Siuslaw Medical Clinic is a direct-pay clinic where patient-members have access to their personal physician every business day of the year. Patients can get immediate help from their physician by calling, email correspondence, or scheduling a visit that very day or the next business day, at no additional cost. The physician limits their panel of patients to about 300, rather than the typical 2000–3000 patients in corporate clinics, so the physician has time to give each patient the care they need and deserve. In return, patients pay a monthly fee to maintain this concierge-level care and attention. Siuslaw Medical Clinic does not bill health insurance for these clinic services to its member patients.

John Egar, MD

Your personal physician in Florence, OR





Primary Care

Siuslaw Medical Clinic provides patients with high-quality, fully personalized medical attention from a physician, board-certified in the specialty of internal medicine non-surgical illnesses of adults. Quality Primary Care in Florence.

Immediate Care

Member patients of Siuslaw Medical Clinic are assured same-day or next-day appointments, all business days throughout most of the year. Members are also given unlimited email, phone, or video chat. One price covers an entire year of service regardless of your insurance. Contact us with any questions or simply to learn more about our services.

Freedom of Choice

Since Siuslaw Medical Clinic does not rely on private or government insurance, we can give members time and decision-support service that is not covered by any insurer. To learn more or ask questions, simply drop-by for a free explanation of how direct-pay primary care works.

Mon - Fri: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

All other days and times: available by phone


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Siuslaw Medical Clinic

1845 Highway 126

Florence OR 97439-9626

(541) 999-6599

ORS 836-200-0315: The Department of Consumer and Business Services has issued a certification to this practice. You can contact consumer advocates at the Department of Consumer and Business Services at (888) 977-4894, or


* A membership fee of $125 per month is charged to the member’s credit card at the start of each month.

* A member may cancel at any time after the first 3-month initiation. Any charges to your card after the first of the month following cancellation will be refunded in full.

* Services included in membership: same or next-day clinic acute visits, wellness visits, check-up visits, physical exams, risk assessment, phone consultations, EKGs, email consultations, prescription renewals, referrals, test ordering, coordination of care, maintenance of your medical record, and more – all at no additional charge.